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Real Estate & Construction Law 

At Heussen, the real estate law practice group headed by Dr. Norbert Huber primarily specializes in residential and commercial property law matters. One of the group’s biggest clients is local real estate company INDUSTRIA WOHNEN, whom the group advises on numerous residential real estate transactions on a regular basis under the leadership of Christian Weinheimer. Another member of this group, Dr. Jan Dittmann has provided legal assistance to Danish-based investment company Kirkbi during two of its purchases in Munich, where the company acquired an office complex and a popular shopping center known as “Das Einstein”. Frequently recommended lawyers in this group include real estate law expert Christoph Hamm, construction, transaction and energy law expert Bernhard Schex as well as Dr. Thomas Miller, who has been described as ‘highly respected with a great deal of practical experience’. Volker Mattausch, formerly of the law firm Vogel Volz Kress Rechtsanwälte further augments the group in with his expertise in land law and tenancy law. 

Information Technology & Information Technology Outsourcing (Including Contracts & Agreements) 

Relying on the ‘excellent IT know-how’ of its IT law practice group, Heussen chiefly advises well-known mid-sized companies, both on the provider and client side, across the entire spectrum of typical IT law matters. However, the firm’s IT law practice group is just as well versed in matters pertaining to Industry 4.0. Headed by renowned attorney Dr. Hermann Waldhauser, this group furthermore offers legal support in fintech matters, including various IT start-ups in applying for a license to operate a money remittance transfer business. In addition, the group has been just as active representing cleantech clients in medtech cases as well cases crossing the boundary into renewable energy law. Moreover, this group has advised a famous American fashion house on an SaaS agreement, Canadian software house Colibri Software on an escrow agreement with the Free State of Bavaria as well as German software house Infolytics AG on software license agreements. In litigation matters, the group represented German-based new media agentur aicovo in a legal dispute with one of the agency’s clients over the implementation of a certain recruitment system. Group member Mark Münch, LL.M. is highly regarded as a ‘highly competent lawyer’, who ‘always has solid advice for a problem’. 

Public (Procurement) Law 

Heussen’s public procurement law practice group specializes in public sector consulting, with a growing number of clients turning to this group for legal advice in concession matters. One of the clients the group has attracted is the Free State of Bavaria, which it provided with legal advice regarding the EU tender for the operation of a receiving center for asylum seekers. Other highlights include the group’s consulting services for German broadcasters ProSiebenSat.1 Media and maxdome during their contract bid for creating and operating a video streaming service for passengers on the long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn. Representing both clients was Uwe-Carsten Völlink, a ‘calm and competent legal counsel’ known for his willingness to ‘always offer the opposing party a fair deal’ and Dr. Norbert Huber, a legal counsel highly regarded for his ‘creativity in finding solutions’. Working out of Heussen’s Frankfurt office is the group’s legal expert in matters of government aid,  Prof. Wolfgang E. Trautner, who is also recommended for legal issues arising from construction projects. In April 2016, the firm’s Frankfurt office added further legal talent in the form of Heinz-Peter Zirbes, formerly of the law firm Buse Heberer Fromm. 

Entertainment & Media Law

With clients mainly based in the domestic entertainment industry, Heussen’s entertainment & media law practice group has done its part in making the firm stand out from the competition. Be it through the ‘high quality of its legal advice, both in terms of content and consultancy on a personal level’ or ‘its vast range of expertise’ in media law matters. In addition to its members‘ many years of experience in copyright matters, media regulations and media anti-trust laws as well as matters crossing the boundary into IT law, the entertainment & media practice group is currently busier than ever representing clients in social media matters: One of them, for example, is a local comedy duo calling themselves ‘Frankfurter Klasse’, or ‘Frankfurt Class’, whom the group represents in social media marketing contracts and cooperation matters. Other clients include German TV broadcaster RTL2 Fernsehen and the Alliance of German Producers – Film & Television, both of which the group represents in copyright and media law matters on a regular basis, as well as local media company Frank Otto Medien, which the group has represented in media regulatory matters. Group member Marcus M. Hotze,is highly regarded for his ‘field competence, industry knowledge and negotiation skills’.



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Tax Law

In 2012 Heussen established its own tax law group under the leadership of its new team members Rupert Klar andy Martin Grasser, both formerly of the Sibeth law firm. In its work, this new group focuses on billing practices as well as tax optimization for project-related investments, particularly in the fields of renewable energy and corporate restructuring.

Corporate and M&A

Heussen appears in Vol. 2 as a law firm for M&A - domestic mid-sized deals (< € 500 mil.)

At Heussen, law practice in the M&A field presents a vital pillar of the firm’s comprehensive legal service program, further buttressed by the firm’s legal support in transaction deals involving renewable energy projects. These include the sale of two wind parks for German energy provider Juwi and the acquisition of the largest solar park in Germany’s Upper Palatinate region for the city of Weiden. Add to that the firm’s legal support for German investor Günther Holding in acquiring the Langenscheidt Publishing Group, during which Heussen lawyers proved not only their expertise in M&A law, but also specific expertise in regard to publishing groups and the transfer of their intellectual property rights. The firm’s full legal support of another German energy provider, BaySolar, in both the acquisition of project rights and the legal process involving the construction, financing and sale of several solar parks presents another highlight. Among the firm’s most recommended lawyers are Dr. Michael Frühmorgen and Dr. Dirk von dem Knesebeck for ‘always being there’ for their clients.

Real Estate & Construction Law

Heussen boasts a long list of illustrious long-term clients particularly in the discipline of asset management, given its consultations on several transaction and fund structuring deals. In practicing real estate law, the firm specializes in tenant and broker law, often defending clients in litigation cases. Highlights include consulting German real estate investors like Matrix Immobilien in acquiring and financing three urban retail properties valuing approximately € 200 million and Industria Wohnen in acquiring a Schroder Property portfolio comprising residential properties valued at € 200 million in total. Among the firm’s long-term clients are British wealth management firm London & Capital, German real estate investor CA Immo Deutschland, German life insurer Lebensversicherung von 1871 and a number of family offices. Heussen also represents major Chinese clients, specifically its long-term client, the Huadong Group, in both business and litigation processes in Germany. Martina Bongen and Dr. Jan Dittmann are among the firm’s recommended lawyers in this field.

Information Technology (Incl. Contract Management)

Clients mention their ‘overall satisfaction’ with the IT law practice of Heussen, specifically the law firm’s ‘excellent know-how regarding IT project contracts’. Its clients in this field include, among others, the German-based Baader Bank for creating a project contract and maintenance agreement pertaining to a new software system, American software company VM Ware for long-term consulting services involving licensing terms and standard IT contracts and German investor Günther Holding for consulting services pertaining to IT law and licensing terms involving the latter’s acquisition of the Langenscheidt Publishing Group. Heussen also offers consulting on data protection issues for business start-ups, as was the case regarding a Web 2.0 shopping platform for fashion and design. Dr. Hermann Waldhauser, who divides his practice into IT and trademark law, is considered an ‘absolute expert’ in his field and is ‘recommended without hesitation’.

Public Law (Procurement Law)

When Heussen signed up Uwe-Carsten Völlink, a renowned attorney and expert on public procurement law formerly of the Noerr law firm, in March 2013, the firm added to the clout of its public procurement law practice group headed by attorney Dr. Norbert Huber. Only recently established within the firm, this group is strategically geared toward the energy sector and the majority of its clients are based in the public sector. By signing up Mr. Völlink, the firm has further added the defense and national security sector along with both state and federal ministries to its client list. Thus, Heussen advised state officials in Germany during the public contract award for the restoration of a public spa as well as a regional group of investors in Bavaria during the contract award for the operation of a combined railway terminal, including the provision of related contract drafts.



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Information technology and outsourcing
Real estate



Legal 500 Deutschland 2012-2013

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law Firmly rooted in Munich, the law firm HEUSSEN Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH can boast a rich portfolio of loyal clients. They include German real estate agency Engels & Völkers in real estate matters, Ability in asset management matters and related transactions and German developer DC Residential in housing matters, to name just a few. Dr. Jan Dittmann is a recognized authority in the field.

Information Technology & Outsourcing

HEUSSEN stands out by offering international consulting services, often by way of the United States and China. Expert advice from its legal team has helped BrandArena set up an online ticket shop and an international software producer resolve a legal issue related to cloud computing. Our recommendation here is Dr. Hermann Waldhauser.



Legal 500 Deutschlang 2011-2012

Information Technology & Outsourcing

(...) HEUSSEN deckt eine weite Bandbreite an IT-rechtlichen Fragestellungen ab, vor allem Software- und Hardware-Vereinbarungen, IT-Projekte, Internetsicherheit und Datenschutz sowie IT-Due Diligence-Überprüfungen- Dr. Markus Junker specializes in contract drafting, dispute resolution and IT transactional law.

Real Estate & Construction Law

Real estate law is among the traditional areas of law practiced at HEUSSEN. Areas of specialty in this field include tenancy law, real estate funds, due diligence and contract drafting for real estate transactions. Recommended lawyers in this field include Dr. Jan Dittmann, Christoph Hamm and Christian Weinheimer.



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Information Technology & Outsourcing

(...) HEUSSEN offers consulting on software- and hardware agreements, data protection, projects as well as litigation representation, for example, in infringement proceedings. Dr. Markus Junker offers combined consulting services in IT & media law./p>

Real Estate & Construction Law

Although HEUSSEN maintains its strongest presence in southern Germany, the law firm’s Berlin office has had its share of success too. Recent client acquisitions at that office include a German insurance company, a major German bank and a number of closed-end real estate funds. Attorney Christoph Hamm has become a household name on the market.