The world of economics is becoming more and more complex – as well as the therein generated conflicts. Cross-border transactions, higher demands on quality, diverse types of personnel, and increasing pressure to perform, all these promote conflict situations and require efficient conflict solutions. 

The majority of conflicts are still settled in court before a judge. Increasingly, however, in concrete dispute cases, the spectrum of out-of-court dispute resolution is being given ever greater prominence in the discussions about more suitable methods for resolving disputes, be these arbitration proceedings, moving on to commercial mediation, all the way to conciliation proceedings. 

HEUSSEN has national and international expertise, both in representation before the federal courts and in the conducting of arbitration proceedings. In addition, the list includes commercial mediation as well as conciliation. We advise you in conflict cases on the “method of choice”, and support you from a legal standpoint, especially strategically, be it in the representation of your rights before the federal courts or in the conducting of arbitration and/or mediation proceedings.