Our advisory services especially encompass antitrust clearance; drafting and implementation of agreements between companies, both covering issues of distribution and co-operation agreements between competitors; introduction of antitrust compliance systems for companies and industry associations, representation before antitrust authorities and courts in merger control and infringement proceedings; defence against antitrust infringements, administrative fines and claims for damages due to violation of German and European antitrust law with respect to issues of abuse of dominance and anti-competitive agreements. We especially focus on:

  • Antitrust issues of distribution law, especially in view of restraints on customers or geography, non-compete provisions and issues of exclusivity
  • Drafting of agreements complying with antitrust regulations
  • Co-operation agreements between competitors, especially in regulated industries, and regarding R & D
  • Confidentiality agreements and non-competition obligations
  • Abuse of market-dominance
  • Merger control and co-ordination of merger filings in different jurisdictions
  • Representation of companies in antitrust cases both before courts and antitrust authorities and with respect to out of court settlements
  • Enforcement of, or defence against, claims due to antitrust violations
  • Antitrust compliance