Dutch Desk

The Netherlands and Germany maintain a close bond together. While sharing many common traits such as language roots, in certain aspects, the two countries couldn’t be more different from each other. Either way, the Netherlands are Germany‘s most important European trade partner (and its second most important trade partner worldwide, right after China). The port city of Rotterdam alone processes more goods bound for Germany than all of the German port cities combined.

We have a long tradition of offering our legal services equally to German clients doing business in the Netherlands and Dutch clients doing business in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, whether it’s the act of signing cooperation agreements or forming subsidiaries either here or “over there”. Working together with our fellow law experts over at HEUSSEN B.V. in Amsterdam, we offer legal consulting both ways under one roof. We also work with additional Dutch-based partners whenever the case matter or local requirements call for it. Whatever the case may be, we’re always ready to correspond in German, Dutch, and, of course, English.

Our consulting services for Dutch clients doing business in Germany include among others:

  • Formation of subsidiaries/affiliates
  • Set-up of distribution/sales/marketing structures
  • Business/corporate acquisitions or partial business/corp. share acquisitions
  • Registration of industrial property rights and copyright protection (i.e., trademarks)
  • Lease and other agreements
  • Tax matters
  • Employment contracts for transferees
  • Legal representation in cross-border court cases

And, of course, we offer the same consulting services for German clients doing business in the Netherlands.

Working hand in hand with our Dutch-based partners, we offer integrated legal solutions that work both ways in any legal matter, whether it’s in Germany or in the Netherlands. We’re also a member of the Deutsch-Niederländisches Gesellschaftsforum (DNG), the German-Dutch community forum based in the city of Munich.