Clarity and exactitude in dealing with employees, clear rules in employment contracts, appropriate reactions in labour law disputes and an even-tempered manner of dealing with works councils and unions are decisive factors for a good workplace climate and consequently also for productivity and optimal values in a company. 

Our employment law specialists offer not only well-founded legal knowledge but also the prerequisite sense for pragmatic solutions and an understanding of internal decision-making processes. 

We advise large and medium-sized companies from divergent sectors, often on a long-term mandate basis, sometimes with regard to individual questions of employment and labour law or in labour court proceedings, but we also advise individual board members and executives. 

We have experienced employment law specialists and internationally oriented teams in all of our offices. We react quickly to changes in laws and legislation as well as to any newly emerging issues. 

  • Put your firm to the test with regard to employment and labour law

    The consequences of an unclear basis in an employment contract, of undocumented job specifications or of dealing with contractual violations in a negligent way are generally underestimated. The potentials for structuring these aspects properly are often not fully recognized.

    We offer to review and to draft your employment contracts, service agreements, commercial agent agreements, company internal agreements (shop agreements) or stock option plans.

  • Ensure that you will receive ongoing support in employment and labour law matters

    We offer you ongoing advice in the clarification of daily employment and labour law issues, such as working hours and regulations concerning leave or illness.

    We assist you in the preparation of warnings or notices of termination and advise you in the area of company pension schemes and employment and labour law compliance issues.

  • Rely on experienced lawyers in employment and labour law disputes

    Labour law is a clearly delineated area of law but at the same time it is extraordinarily complex and subject to constant change. This requires thorough know-how, which should be combined with early risk analysis, a confident approach and delicate skills in negotiating.

    We represent you before labour courts of all instances, in proceedings concerning protection against wrongful dismissal, in salary disputes or in disputes with works councils or unions. This also applies to proceedings before labour conciliation boards or to applications for the issuance of temporary injunctions. Strategic risk management is for us a matter of course.

  • Allow us to support you in the employment and labour law aspects of projects and transactions

    Most projects and / or transactions have an impact on jobs and on the company's staff. We advise on the structuring of business acquisitions and mergers, in particular regarding the consequences of a "transfer of undertakings" (TUBE). We assist you in the introduction of new remuneration systems and company pension schemes. We negotiate for you agreements on the reconciliation of interests and social compensation plans and help to implement the outcome.

    We not only have specialised legal knowledge in the area of employment and labour law, we can also offer many references specific to this sector. We represent companies from the sectors of chemistry, cosmetics, banking, IT, the recreation and hotel industry, radio/ broadcasting, management consulting, hospitals and civil service.

    The expertise of our lawyers specialised in employment and labour law has been recognized in numerous rele- vant publications, such as the law firm directories ‘JUVE’, ‘Kanzleien in Deutschland’ and the business periodical ‘Wirtschaftswoche’.


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