Italian Desk

Italy remains the vacation getaway of choice amongst many Germans, while many Italians have been making Germany their second home ever since what came to be known as Germany’s economic miracle. Indeed, the mutual relationship between these countries as major economic partners continues to thrive today as well. Germany is by far the most important trading partner of Italy, sharing 12.5 percent in Italian imports and 16.4 percent in Italian exports (2017). In Germany, meanwhile, Italy takes fifth place as country of import and sixth place as country of export. The food industry and mechanical engineering industry are just two of a number of integrated value chains formed by the continuous cooperation between both countries. Others include subsidiaries and affiliates established by parent companies from either country in the other.

We have a long tradition of offering our legal services equally to German clients doing business in Italy and Italian clients doing business in Germany or neighboring Austria and Switzerland, whether it’s the act of signing contracts or forming subsidiaries either here or “over there”. Working together with our fellow law experts over at HEUSSEN ITALIA in Rome and Milan, we offer legal consulting both ways under one roof. We also work with additional partners in Italy whenever the case matter or local requirements call for it. Whatever the case may be, we’re always ready to correspond in German, Italian, and, of course, English.

Our consulting services for Italian clients doing business in Germany include among others:

  • Formation of subsidiaries/affiliates
  • Set-up of distribution/sales/marketing structures
  • Business/corporate acquisitions or partial business/corp. share acquisitions
  • Registration of industrial property rights and copyright protection (i.e., trademarks)
  • Lease and other agreements
  • Tax matters
  • Employment contracts for transferees
  • Legal representation in cross-border court cases

And, of course, we offer the same consulting services for German clients doing business in Italy.

Working hand in hand with our on-site partners, we offer integrated legal solutions that work both ways in any legal matter, whether it’s in a German-speaking country or in Italy.