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Attorney-at-Law, Magistra Juris Internationalis (MJI)

Maria Stantcheva has been advising both German and non-German companies and individuals in German and international business law matters for more than 11 years.

Owing to her intercultural competencies and language skills (law studies in Bulgaria and Germany), Maria Stantcheva makes international business law one of the main areas of her law practice, especially in matters related to Eastern Europe. She primarily focuses on the fields of commercial, distribution, corporate, M & A and banking law as well as litigation.

Her language skills include English, German and Bulgarian.

Legal Consulting for German Companies in Bulgaria and Individuals with Connections to Bulgaria

Maria Stantcheva renders legal services to both German companies conducting business in Bulgaria and individuals with connections to Bulgaria. She’s perfectly at home with the legal and cultural aspects and nuances of both countries. And if that doesn’t help, she can always rely on partnering law offices and her own longstanding personal contacts there, as needed.

Maria Stantcheva’s expertise and 11 years of experience in her chosen law fields comprise a broad spectrum of legal and business-related matters in conjunction with, among others,

  • Corporate law, including
    • Advice in choosing the proper legal form for one’s Business,
    • Business foundations, subsidiaries and branch offices in Bulgaria (, for example, stock corporations abbreviated as "OOD", "EOOD", "AD" and registered business entrepreneurs abbreviated as "ET"),
    • Drafting and reviews of as well as amendments to partnership agreements and management contracts,
    • Commercial register entries,
    • Joint-venture establishments, business acquisitions/sales (LoI, MoU), legal due diligence, contract negotiations, signing and closing,
    • Business liquidations
  • Legal assistance in Investments
  • Establishing business contacts
  • Outsourcing
  • Commercial/distribution law, incl. Consulting on market launch strategies and distribution channels
  • Transportation/shipping regulations
  • Banking law
  • German-Bulgarian contract drafting and international contract law, incl. drafting and review of international purchase agreements, T&Cs, conditions of purchase, delivery conditions, work contracts, service agreements, management contracts, agency contracts, rental/lease agreements and franchise contracts
  • In-/out-of-court debt enforcement in Bulgaria
  • Arbitration
  • Foreclosure proceedings in Bulgaria.


Working together with her colleagues in Bulgaria, she offers legal support in matters like

  • Capital market law (incl. drafting security/investment prospectuses, legal support for the approval of prospectuses from the relevant financial supervisory authorities, notification of approved prospectuses within EU guidelines)
  • Labor and social security laws in Bulgaria
  • Personnel leasing and assignment of employees
  • Land law, specifically real estate purchases and leases by entities and individuals in Bulgaria, plus continuous Consulting
  • Renewable energies
  • International inheritance law (incl. legal advice in connection with applications for certificates of inheritance, European Certificates of Succession, administration of estates in Bulgaria and/or Germany).

Legal Consulting for Bulgarian Companies and Individuals in Germany

A native Bulgarian speaker, Maria Stantcheva offers comprehensive consulting services for both companies and individuals in all matters of German-Bulgarian business relations, in particular,

  • Legal support in the run-up to and the process of business formations as well as the commercial registration process in Germany, including the proper choice of corporate form, drafting of required formation documents, acquisition of shelf companies, account opening, business registrations, plus continuous legal consulting in connection with business operations
  • Legal assistance in M&A transactions, including due diligence, contract drafting and negotiations
  • Advisory services regarding German business law in the following areas:
    • Corporate law (incl. drafting of, reviews of and amendments to partnership agreements and management contracts, joint ventures, admission of new shareholders, transfer of shares, collection of shares, exclusion of shareholders, capital increases/decreases, conversions, liquidations, insolvency, resignations and management changes)
    • Commercial & distribution law (drafting of, reviews of and negotiations over, among others, agency contracts, distributor agreements, commercial broker agreements, commission contracts, franchise agreements, cooperation agreements, license agreements, incl. individual contract terms like commission clauses, customer protection, territorial protection, non-competition clauses, upfront payment clauses, legal venue and governing law, enforcement of and defense against claims, esp. commission claims, compensation claims)
    • Transportation/shipping regulations
    • Contract law, spec. (cross-border) purchase agreements (UN sales law, CISG), T&Cs of sale and delivery, Incoterms, installation T&Cs, repair T&Cs, lease agreements, work contracts, service contracts)
    • In-/out-of-court representation
    • Arbitration


Working together with her fellow legal experts at HEUSSEN, she offers legal support in matters like

  • Labor law (drafting/reviews of employment contracts, termination of employment contracts, in-/out-of-court enforcement of labor law entitlements)
  • Industrial property rights (incl. competition law and trademark law) and Copyrights
  • Online distribution/e-commerce regulations
  • Banking law, spec. review, termination/cancelation of loan agreements, prepayment penalties, negotiations with banks, credit security – provision, exchange and release of securities (mortgage debt, guarantees, joint liability, debt assumption, etc.), liquidation of collateral as part of foreclosures, investment models with outside financing
  • Capital market law
  • Real estate & real estate financing law
  • Insurance law



Statement of experience

  • Beratung von bulgarischen Mandanten in Deutschland
  • Beratung von deutschen Mandanten in Bulgarien
  • Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsrecht


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