Doctoral Award for Dr. Christina-Maria Leeb on the Subject Legal Tech

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Dr. Christina-Maria Leeb, Research Assistant at HEUSSEN and member of the firm‘s IT/IP & Media Law Practice Group, was made recipient of the 2019 Doctoral Award of the Munich Bar Association for her doctoral thesis on the subject of digitation, legal technology and innovation as part of the exam und doctoral award celebrations hosted by the Faculty of Law of the University of Passau. Dr. Leeb’s centered her thesis on the idea of deliberately taking a very broad approach to creating a profile of requirements for the legal profession in light of present-day society’s reliance on information technology and supporting it with fundamental, jurisprudential arguments.

In doing so, Dr. Leeb raises one of the top issues facing the legal profession today, given the profound changes that digital transformation entails for law practices everywhere. Indeed, the greater the advance of digital transformation, the greater the advance of new business models coming into the limelight. The same profound changes are also inevitable in law practice marketing and external communications. The same is true for internal business processes, internal communications and, moreover, the very essence of legal consultancy. Having dedicated several years of research to the issue, Dr. Leeb also won the "Woman of Legal Tech" Award in 2018.

Says Dr. Hermann Waldhauser, Head of the IT/IP & Media Law Practice Group at HEUSSEN, “We’re all very happy for Dr. Leeb and her award, which she truly deserves, as it reflects her in-depth understanding of legal tech and the role of innovation in this field. At the same time, we’re very proud of having Dr. Leeb on our team, and we’re quite proud of the fact that she could count on our support and, moreover, the immense value of her intellectual contributions and the practical results she presents us with, which benefit all of us.”

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