BREXIT – what´s next?

To foresee the (possible) consequences of a (possible) BREXIT today is difficult, if not downright impossible. Indeed, to many of us here on the Continent, the whole issue may seem remote right now. Undeterred by this, many consultants are already filling their clients’ heads with ideas like "Fit for the BREXIT" and other advice. Sorry, our idea of effective legal counselling generally doesn’t include fitness training for budget warriors or any leaps of faith. However, we do agree that now is a good time to start thinking about what legal form a limited company based in Germany may take on in the future or what the legal protection of your own brand might look like in the UK in the future. 

Therefore, when it comes to drafting contracts that concern the UK, one should already consider a BREXIT case at this point in time. This concerns, for example, clauses regarding customs and other duties in supply contracts, distribution agreements, or commercial agent contracts with reference to UK territory, which so far simply include “the territory of the EU” as contract territory, as well as clauses regarding choice of law and jurisdiction and labour law. 

Working with our MULTILAW partner law offices in the UK, we are more than ready and happy to offer you advice when it comes to the best legal moves today and the best legal moves tomorrow.