Employment & Human Resources

Clarity and stringency in dealing with employees, clear provisions in employment contracts, appropriate reactions in labour law disputes and a balanced approach to works councils and trade unions are decisive factors for a good working atmosphere and thus for productivity and values in the company.

Our highly specialised lawyers, who have been working almost exclusively in the field of labour law for many years, offer not only sound legal know-how but also the necessary understanding for pragmatic solutions that are as cost-effective as possible as well as for internal decision-making processes.

  • Main areas of advice and activity

    • Restructuring
    • Advice on mergers and acquisitions
    • Decision proceedings under works constitution law
    • Dismissal protection proceedings
    • Compensation disputes
    • Drafting employment contracts, service contracts, agency agreements, works agreements or stock option plans
    • Advice on day-to-day labour law issues
    • Advice and representation of executives
    • Labour migration law
  • Who we consult

    We advise companies of all sizes from Germany and abroad in sectors such as chemicals, mechanical engineering, electronics, cosmetics, banking, IT (service providers, semiconductor manufacturers, software developers), leisure and the hotel industry, radio/television, management consultancy, hospitals and the public sector. We also advise board members and managers.

  • Service spectrum

    The area of labour law is represented at all our locations by experienced lawyers and also internationally oriented teams.

    We react quickly to changes in the law, changes in case law and new issues.

    Put your company to the test in terms of labour law

    The consequences of unclear employment contracts, undocumented job specifications and lax handling of breaches of contract are generally underestimated. Possibilities for shaping labour law are not recognised.

    We offer a stocktaking.

    Secure ongoing labour law support

    We offer ongoing advice on everyday labour law issues, such as working hours, holiday arrangements or illness.

    We help you prepare warnings or dismissals and advise you on company pension schemes and labour law compliance issues.

    Call on experienced lawyers in labour court disputes

    Labour law is a clearly defined area of law, yet it is extraordinarily complex and subject to constant change. This requires sound know-how, combined with early risk analysis, a confident manner and negotiating skills.

    We represent you before German labour courts of all instances, in dismissal protection proceedings, remuneration disputes or resolution proceedings. The same applies to conciliation board proceedings or applications for interim injunctions. Strategic risk management is a matter of course for us.

    Let us assist you with projects and transactions in terms of labour law

    Most projects and/or transactions have an impact on jobs and staff. We advise on the structuring of company acquisitions and mergers, in particular with regard to the consequences of a transfer of business. We accompany the introduction of new systems for remuneration and company pension schemes. We conduct reconciliation of interests and social plan negotiations and implement the achieved result.