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Legal Notice

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Legal Notice


The terms of use set forth herein apply to the range of Internet service offers by HEUSSEN Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft. They do not apply to other Internet offers that we merely refer to by means of a link.

Content of these pages

We provide our Internet service offers free of charge and without any access restrictions. Utilizing our Internet service offers or contacting us does not constitute a contractual relationship with us. There is no claim regarding the uninterrupted availability of our Internet service offers.

Any information contained in our Internet service offers merely serves informational purposes. As such, said information does not in any way constitute legal consulting, particularly, not on an individual basis, which involves taking into account the details of each individual case. Generally, any results we disclose from cases handled by us, in particular, court decisions, should not be construed as the basis for expecting similar outcomes in other cases.

We use utmost care in properly choosing, researching and updating all informational contents we provide as part of our Internet service offers. Even so, we cannot make any guarantees as to the up-to-dateness, completeness or accuracy of the informational contents in our Internet service offers. This is particularly true when it comes to changes in legislation or jurisprudence.

We reserve the right to change, update, supplement or delete the informational contents in our Internet service offers either in part or in their entirety at our own discretion without prior notice.

Image rights

"History":, © Sarah Kasper
"China Desk":, © Gortincoiel 
Team photos @ Munich Office:  © Maren Richter
Team photo Christina-Maria Leeb: © Universität Passau / Hernandez


As service providers under German tele-media law, we are liable for all our informational contents that we provide in our Internet service offers, in accordance with general federal and state legislation.

In addition to our own information in our Internet service offers, our homepage also offers different links to information provided by other service providers. Any liability for the latter solely lies with the respective other service providers providing said information as their own. All information in the other service providers’ Internet offers is subject to change at any time without our knowledge. In as far as we provide links to websites, whose contents are found to be objectionable, please let us know.

Copyrights and Rights of Use.

Our Internet service offers are legally protected both in part and in their entirety. Specifically, all contents and files in our Internet service offers are protected worldwide by the German Copyright Act as well as by international agreements. The same applies to the selection and layout of our informational contents, texts, tables, graphics, photographic materials and video sequences.

You are welcome to print out contents of our Internet service offers for your own personal use or for internal use within your company or organization. The same applies to downloading and saving said contents in as far as it is for your own personal use or for internal use within your company or organization.

Apart from that, any reproduction, editing, distribution and/or other form of publication of legally protected contents – except as otherwise permitted by law – requires previous consent of the copyright holder. We specifically oppose inclusion of any of the websites or files belonging to our Internet service offers in a frame by way of a link or any presentation thereof by way of an inline link if it creates the impression that said websites or files are part of some other Internet offer. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2010 HEUSSEN Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft.