Distribution law

We provide legal services for any issues of distribution including the legal structure of distribution systems and all matters related to the physical movement of products. Our clients come from all industry sectors where products are manufactured and distributed. We also represent small and large logistic service providers rendering all transportation services from the transport of the individual package, heavyload transport of locomotives up to global maritime standard container business.

In addition, we also set up the legal structure for distribution systems customised for you, including agents, authorized dealers and franchise systems. Where disputes arise, we cover all aspects of dispute settlement, especially negotiation of compensation claims, whether in or out of court or in arbitration. We also advise clients who, particularly in cases of distribution within foreign countries, intend to conclude co-operation agreements or form joint ventures.

We provide the legal support to ensure that your product securely reaches your customer.

  • Framework delivery agreements and purchasing agreements
  • Agency, distributorship and other distribution agreements
  • Compensation claims
  • Co-operations and joint ventures
  • Implementation of franchise systems