Compliance, which comprises a range of measures necessary to ensure proper conduct of a company, its executive members and its employees with respect to all statutory provisions is essential for the minimization of risk in a company. We aim at maximising the effective avoidance of executives’ liability.

Today the risk of damage claims against executives – often amounting to millions – is higher than ever. This has many reasons, such as an altered perception of the public and the media, in addition to amended statutory and regulatory framework conditions.

Undoubtedly, there is a legal obligation to set up a system of organized compliance (“compliance organisation”) within a company. This duty applies not only to large (listed) companies but affects all business entities, especially medium-sized companies.

The aim of our compliance service is to ensure fulfilment of legal obligations in co-operation with you, thereby protecting you as a proactive entrepreneur and company executive from personal liability. We support you and the responsible corporate bodies throughout the process of establishing a compliance organisation.


Our areas of specialisation
Our Compliance Team, which consits of experienced and specialised lawyers is particularily active in the following areas:

  • Corporate law
  • Antitrust and competition law
  • Labour law
  • Environmental protection law
  • Public procurement law
  • Data protection and data security law

For issues concerning criminal law, we co-operate on an ongoing basis with Roxin Rechtsanwälte LLP, a law firm exclusively dedicated to criminal law.

We thereby cover the following, frequently arising issues:

  • Corruption, embezzlement
  • Violation of environmental regulations and of procurement
  • Violation of data protection law


Elements of our compliance advisory services

  • Analysis of risk and status quo in the respective company
  • Recommendations for the establishment of a legally secure system of company organisation
  • Training of the responsible bodies and – if necessary – employees, especially in critical areas such as sales procurement and distribution
  • Proposals for a system of documentation and reporting as well as appropriate control measures


More individuality
We attach particular importance on an approach adjusted to the size and risk exposure of your company. In other words, our proposals for a medium-sized company will differ from those for a large or listed company

The aim of our compliance advisory services is to secure implementation of all measures that are indispensable for

  • ensuring that the company’s organisation conforms to all legal requirements,
  • being ideally prepared in case irregularities or crises occur,
  • achieving maximum success in defending executives or the company against damage claims in case of irregularities or crises in the company.