IP and media law

In a persistently dynamic world, we see ourselves as a reliable partner on all relevant issues of intellectual property and media law. In times of innovative business models and technologies, new communication channels and a newly structured media landscape, our expertise gives you the decisive competitive edge. Our lawyers specialising in IP and media law advise and represent you with many years of experience and a high reputation. Numerous awards in leading publications (JUVE Handbook, LEGAL500, Leaders League, Best Lawyers) as well as a large number of expert lectures confirm this.

  • Consultancy focus

    We have understood that modern, entrepreneurial challenges can no longer be solved through the lens of a single area of law. A holistic view is becoming indispensable in the pursuit of digital business strategies. Thanks to our broadly based expertise, we provide customised advice and representation in all relevant issues of intellectual property and media law. Our focus is on the areas of:

    • Trademark and labelling law.
    • Protection and exploitation of intellectual property (in particular copyrights and related rights).
    • Press and publicity law.
    • Interfaces to digital business (platform-based business models, artificial intelligence, digital communication channels).
  • Who we consult

    Due to our comprehensive knowledge of the industry, companies from the following sectors, among others, place their trust in us in this regard

    • Software and IT
    • Automotive
    • Life Sciences (Health & Beauty)
    • Hospitality, gastronomy and tourism
    • Chemical industry
    • Advertising
    • Research and Development
    • Finance and Fintech
    • Construction and property management
    • Film and television, as well as new media providers (e.g. streaming, social media)
    • Radio, publishing houses and the press
    • High-reach individuals (influencers).
  • Service spectrum

    We advise and represent in particular in the following areas

    • Intellectual property
      Whether classical intellectual creations such as software, text contributions, music and films or innovative, novel digital art, NFTs, the use of artificial intelligence and the use of protected content on platforms - the exploitation of intellectual property is an essential part of business activity for many companies. New exploitation channels open up opportunities and risks at the same time. We provide support from rights clearing and the conclusion of licensing and distribution agreements to the enforcement of own rights or the defence against unjustified claims.
    • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts
      Licence agreements, research and development agreements, production, cooperation, exploitation and licensing agreements for print, audio and/or audiovisual content.
    • Full support for the use and exploitation of content in the digitalised and virtual space
      Use of music, films and images on social media, platform liability, strategies for the use of artificial intelligence as well as protection against the tapping of own content by artificial intelligence ("data mining").
    • Comprehensive support for film and other media projects
      Rights clearing, production contracts with all contributors, exploitation and licensing agreements.
    • Publishing law
      Copyright contract law, information and remuneration claims, exploitation contracts.
    • Know-how protection
      Protection of trade secrets, development and enforcement of strategies for know-how protection, establishment and management of intellectual property portfolios, judicial and extrajudicial support in disputes.
    • Enforcement and defence of claims in and out of court
    • Trademark and labelling law
      The comprehensive exploitation of your business models includes not only their protection, but also a coherent and memorable external appearance. A custom-fit trademark portfolio is indispensable for this. Especially in a competitive environment characterised by e-commerce and innovative communication channels, the importance of a consistent brand strategy cannot be overestimated. We support you from the initial business idea to comprehensive brand protection. In doing so, we draw on market-leading artificial intelligence technologies to ensure a high and contemporary level of advice.
    • Conceptualisation of brand portfolios
      AI-supported market analyses, similarity searches, lists of goods/services.
    • Registration, administration and enforcement of trademark portfolios
      National and international trade mark applications before all offices, market monitoring, opposition proceedings. Through our global network with our colleagues from the worldwide law firm network "Multilaw", we can also offer you the support you need in all international trade mark applications.
    • Enforcement and use of trademark rights in the digitalised and virtual sphere.
      Keyword advertising, domain law, trademark use in virtual products such as Metaverse or NFT.
    • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts under trademark law.
      Licence agreements, delimitation agreements, distribution agreements.
    • Enforcement of trademark rights and defence against unjustified claims.
      Representation in and out of court and before all offices.
    • Digital Business
      The key to success in increasingly disruptive and innovative markets is the legally secure establishment and enforcement of digital business models. Artificial intelligence, new communication and advertising channels as well as an increasingly decentralised, platform-based internet offer unimagined potential and new risks. We know your questions and ensure that you can concentrate fully on your business. To best represent your interests, we work closely with our IT law team here.

    We advise and represent in particular on the following topics

    • Platform-based business models and platform liability
    • Internet of Things
    • e-commerce
    • Digital advertising strategies via new communication channels such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Metaverse
    • Artificial intelligence.
    • Press law and the law of expression
      Classic press coverage and analogue printed works as well as social media posts, review portals and advertising - in an innumerable variety of communication channels, one question is at stake. What may be said and written? This question affects both the person making the statement and the person affected by the statement. We provide support in asserting one's own right of personality and preserving one's image as well as in defending one's own statements.
    • Protection of personality and likeness as well as the right to make statements, including urgent legal protection
    • Advice on the legally compliant drafting and publication of reports
    • Advice on legally compliant positioning in advertising channels and social media
    • Advice and representation in the case of posts in social media ("hate speech"), review portals (damage to image) and search engines