Insolvency Law

Our lawyers specialising in insolvency and restructuring law advise you on all legal issues arising in the crisis or insolvency of companies or private individuals.

The focal points of our advice and representation are:

  • Advice on avoiding the insolvency of the company as well as on avoiding the personal liability and criminal liability of the management, the supervisory board, the shareholders and also the creditors in the crisis of the company.
  • Advice on the restructuring and sale of the company in crisis or on the acquisition of the insolvent company or parts thereof from the insolvency administrator
  • Preparation of insolvency applications
  • Advice on the avoidance of insolvency grounds (e.g. debt-equity swap, letters of comfort, subordination, waiver of claims, deferrals, capital cut)
  • Preparation of risk analyses regarding the effects / dangers of insolvency proceedings for shareholders, management and creditors, e.g. clarification of the risk of avoidance of benefits/payments of the crisis enterprise to shareholders and third parties
  • Measures to secure the creditor's claims in the event of the debtor's insolvency
  • Representation of creditors (in particular assertion of rights to separate satisfaction and rights to separate satisfaction, filing of claims in the insolvency table, conducting and assisting in negotiations with the insolvency administrator).
  • Defence of management, board of directors, supervisory board, shareholders and creditors against claims of the insolvency administrator
  • Advising on cross-border issues in the field of international insolvency law
  • Preparation and execution of liquidation of companies
  • Advising and representing insolvency administrators in the enforcement of their claims

In addition, we also advise private individuals on their debt relief - in particular former shareholders / managing directors of insolvent companies - with the help of consumer or standard insolvency proceedings including residual debt discharge proceedings as well as through out-of-court settlements and insolvency plans.